Hen Party Life Drawing Classes are designed specifically for you to have a bit of fun, a little cheeky for your hen party – Book a trained artist and model for your hen party for you & your friends to attempt to capture the chisels, curves and contours of a specially selected male model. Our life drawing parties are truly wonderful and such good fun and you learn to draw – well, a bit!

The drill …… The session will last approx 1 1/2 hours, includes a prosecco reception . Artistic based party games where the workshop leader will give you helpful hints & tips to make your session fun! Don’t worry if you can’t draw, It’s not about producing the best drawing. It’s about enjoying yourselves doing something different. If you feel you can’t draw the complete figure; then just draw your favourites bit and see the look on the other faces, when you show them your masterpiece.

We work on the assumption that most hens can’t draw and base the session at a beginner’s level, so that you feel comfortable. Your model will enter, the session is explained, you’ll be taken through a range of drawing exercises while your model adopts different poses.Then a few party games take place

At the end, you will judge the best drawing and take some group photos and Hens/Stags get to take their drawings home.